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Hey KH fans - we have another new episode of Crash Landing starring your favorite band, Kill Hannah... Check it out if you want to see them chilling in a bath tub!!!

Kill Hannah New Episode
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We have a series of brand new Kill Hannah videos that we just finished editing... the band loved them so I figured maybe someone here would like them, too! Super honest, super intimate and up close with the band. They were a lot of fun to create, so check them out!!!

Crash Landing (Ep.2) Featuring Kill Hannah!

Kill Hannah

There is tons of killer content just waiting to be checked out at

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We hung out with Shiny Toy Guns on their most recent tour and have made a series of killer videos about the experience! Check them out below...

Crash Landing featuring Shiny Toy Guns (Ep.1)
Crash Landing

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The Crash.TV crew was out on New Year's Eve at the hot L.A. nightclub Les Deux, to pick up on all the celebrities partying their asses off! Check out the video clip of all the action below!
Les Duex

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